Tahira Nizari, Co-Founder

Tahira has worked with different types of businesses across East Africa and South Asia, mostly through development organizations. Her focus to date has been economic inclusion, market development for the poor, and partnerships. Tahira drives Kazi Yetu with an ambitious vision and hustle. She was born in Canada, raised in Dubai, educated in London, but her heritage is from Tanzania and Kenya.

Hendrik Buermann, Co-Founder

Hendrik is a project manager at heart, able to get things done efficiently, thoroughly, and with high standards. With experience across Africa and South Asia, he creates market linkages and promotes investment in emerging economies. Hendrik’s heart is in organic farming and mind is in implementation. He was born and educated in Germany, but Hendrik has lived abroad for over a decade.

Tahira and Hendrik met in Kabul, Afghanistan both doing development work and decided to embark on a new journey in Tanzania thereafter. They live along the beach in Dar es Salaam with their rescue dog, Pilipili, and enjoy traveling in the region and back home to Germany, UAE, and Canada every year.