Kazi Yetu works with new and existing East African brands reach consumers in places like the U.K., Germany, and the U.S.

Supply Chain

Not only are we transforming the status quo for products traded between the East and West, or North and South – we are increasing traceability so you can draw a straight line (that’s right, one line, that is straight) back to the suppliers that made this product so cool and creative.


With a realistic mindset, our purpose is not necessarily to increase wages for the farmers (although they do receive a better wage in our supply chain) nor is it necessarily to pay for their children’s education (while their better wages do enable this) – we aim to contribute to economic growth through connecting worlds, creating awareness, enjoying new products, and redistributing employment opportunities.

Gone are the days of the usual stereotypes of Africa references – the lions, the pyramids, the tribes. We want the world to learn from Africa’s progressive spirit, which is edgy, innovative, and hustling.

In 2018, we start with creating a benchmark for quality, marketable, and local value addition tea through Tanzania Tea Collection.